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We encourage new and experienced CrossFitters to stop in for a class to get a feel for our coaching style and community! With that said, the first class is on us. All we ask is that you let us know you're coming in.

Foundations Program

Prior to engaging in general group CrossFit classes, all members with limited to no past CrossFit experience will be required to participate in a in a program called Foundations.

Foundations is a program consisting of 4 one hour classes instructed by the head coach and owner, Chris Vasseur. The Foundations program is a linear program based on introducing individuals who are new to CrossFit to the basic fundamentals. We start out with basic bodyweight movements and progress to more complex movements. This is also a chance for individuals to get to know the community and also a chance for the head coach to do a physical assessment to observe what your baseline ability level is. During Foundations we also go over numerous scales and alternative movement one can do if any movement is to difficult or beyond ones ability level. All new members are required to complete the Foundations program prior to signing up for a membership and joining regular classes. Foundation classes are usually taught on a 1-1 basis however it is not uncommon for couples or friends to go through it together.

Day 1

On your first day, bring appropriate clothing to workout. If you feel the need, please bring water and a snack for after. Any items you bring with you, we ask that you take them with you when you leave.  If you have any medical conditions or any muscle tightness that may prevent you from performing certain movements, please make the staff aware of that prior to starting.

Mentor Program

The mentor program is designed to help new members or members coming from another CrossFit affiliate get adjusted to our community. For some, CrossFIt or fitness in general may be a completely new experience and this is our way of helping you with the transition. Mentors are current members who mirror and believe in our mission statement. Being new to CrossFit and our community can at times feel overwhelming as there may be terms (AMRAP, WOD, EMOM) that take some time getting use to. Also, this is a way to help new members get introduced to our community. Great friendships have been developed with this program and it is encouraged, however This program is voluntary.

After Completing the Foundations Program

  1. Come with a positive energy. Some days that may be hard and if that's the case, I can promise by the time you finish class, you will be feeling better.
  2. Set reasonable, obtainable and reachable goals.
  3. Encourage others if you complete the workout prior to them- no one finishes a workout alone.
  4. Please be courteous of our facility and clean up after your self.
  5. Listen to the coaching staff.
  6. Respect all members and staff as they will always respect you.
  7. Sign in on WODIFY prior to class.
  8. Write scores on the white board after class so it can be entered into our system and your progress can be tracked.
  9. Put equipment away in their respective places and wipe down any equipment if needed with our disinfectant spray.
  10. Park in the front of Bionic CrossFit or across the street in the DOT parking lot. Please avoid parking in neighboring business. Parking can also be done behind Bionic CrossFit just be careful when pulling around back as this where members kids often play and/or members are working out when the weather permits.
  11. Above all else, LEAVE EGO OUTSIDE. the key to longevity in any fitness program is trusting the process. You don't train for a marathon by going out and running a marathon. There is a process that starts slow with the intentions of building up. Ego will only slow down the process of reaching your goals.