O.P.E.N. Nutritional Challenge.

On Jan 22, 2018 Bionic CrossFit will be taking part in it’s second in-house nutritional challenge in the past 6 months. We will be kicking off the Bionic O.P.E.N. Nutritional Challenge. Most people in the CrossFit world relate the word OPEN to the upcoming CrossFit Opens, however we are using the word “OPEN” as Optimizing Performance with Effective Nutrition.  This 5 food challenge is all about helping realize that performance in all aspects of life can see vast improvements by simply changing what we eat.

Our goal isn’t to loose 20 pounds or to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Our goal is to eat real food with the majority of the diet being plant based.  We are using standards that are common with the CrossFit prescription of nutrition. With that being said, following our recommendations, a bi-product eating such clean, portion controlled meals will be loosing excess weight, promoting lean muscle growth, you will look better and you will feel fantastic. Our goal is to fuel our bodies with proper nutrition so you can perform at your top level. We aren’t just talking about performing within the confines of the gym, but in more important areas of your life like your sport outside of the gym, your hobbies, your work place and home life. 

The challenge:

1. We are strongly encouraging and are recommending each participant to eat only 3-4 meals per day and that is based on each person’s weight/body type. 

2. Our meals are majority plant based with eating only real meats rich in protein, healthy fats and carbs and taking in starches and fruits in moderation and zero sugar. 

3. Each person will get a packet of items you can and can’t eat based on our guidelines

4. Each person will get two 3 compartment trays that will have the exact serving sizes for portion control.

5. We will be tracking our progress thru a digital platform that all participants will have access to

6. Each participant will get two weekly15-20 min consultations with their coach to help guide you along the way

7. We will be providing 3 clinics/seminars during this challenge. Topics will cover, rowing technique, a gymnastics clinic and a recovery nutrition seminar.

This challenge will come to completion on 02/23, the first Friday of the CrossFit Open. 

On 01/19/2018 we will be hosting a meeting to dive into details about this challenge and to answer any questions. 

There are a lot of people who are always looking to improve. They spend extra time in the gym working on skills and drills. They spend time on social media watching others workout and often ask for advice on what they can improve on. What people don’t do, or don’t want to do is focus on nutrition. Nutrition is the answer to the majority of questions out there. You can not out work a poor diet. There is a level of discipline to be envied for those who are committed to eating with intention. It takes the most amount of discipline and commitment to stay true to a proper nutrition plan. But heres the thing…it doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to count your grams of protein, carbs and fats. What you need to do is eat portion controlled meals, do not snack in between meals and eat LOTS of veggies. With our guidelines and recommendations its going be so simple that the only way you will fail is by YOU making a bad choice. See you on the 19th for the start of your 6 packs!