Please read a quick review from our member Liz. She is about 3 months in to her new lifestyle of mindful eating. The results documented by Liz speak for themselves….


How do I look – Healthy & Strong!
Weight is something I feel like I have always had a bit of a back and forth battle with. I am currently down 18ish pounds and yes, I still have more weight to lose but I am feeling more and more comfortable and happy with the numbers I am seeing on the scale!

In my mind I felt like I always had these numbers that honestly never event seemed attainable but also that those numbers would instantly mean I was “skinny”. I realize now that skinny is not my goal- my goal is to be strong- I am happy each week with the numbers I see on the scale sure,  but I am redefining what healthy looks like on my body type and that is an exciting factor.

Posting the before and after photo after retesting weight & body fat with BodPod gave me some anxiety but I am glad that I posted it. It just proves that all the hard work and nutrition shifts are really working. I have seen a loss of that tummy area but also seen my muscle definition really coming through in my legs and arms.

So what were the results?

As you can see from the picture, not only did I lose 18lbs, but I dropped -4.4% bodyfat! The great news doesn't stop there either, I also lost -5.1" from my waist, -3.1" from my bust and lastly -1.4" from my hips.

Image 10-2-18 at 11.32 AM.jpg

How do I feel – Energized & Focused!

Being completely honest the first couple weeks were exhausting and hard on my stomach. Adjusting to the veggie intake and detoxing from the sugar and crap that we have always been eating really took a toll on me. My stomach took a little while to get adjusted and I had a few headaches but now I couldn’t feel better.
My energy levels and focus are noticeably increasing. For example, at the office I feel that I am being more productive through my tasks and not as lethargic in my day to day routine. My weekend naps or the occasional cat naps I use to slip into my schedule before certain things have diminished drastically! I have freed up time to get other things done that I never thought I had time for.

I also believe that obey the tray concept is something that is developing into a lifestyle. Even when we go out to eat or are out celebrating things,  I am more aware of what I am consuming and what feeds my body and makes me feel good verse things that don’t. This proves to me that we have transitioned from a diet into a lifestyle pattern that we can continue as we move forward in this process.

Lastly, I want to touch a bit on mental toughness. That is something I set out to improve coming into 2018 but never really put myself in situations to enhance on (like ever). This whole process has been testing and challenging my mental toughness and I am seeing improvement! There were workouts and situations that normally I could have “talked” myself out of or quite frankly just quit. But I am seeing myself push pass limits I didn’t think I could achieve. This is exciting as I feel like I am tapping into something I never knew I had.

How do clothes fit – Better than ever!

Alright, I am not going to lie, this has been the fun part! My normal “go-to” outfits are beginning to fit too loosely and I am finally fitting into some of the goal outfits I had purchased years ago (and feeling confident in them). I have done some shopping since this whole process had begun from shirts to jeans, and I have had a couple moments in the dressing room where I fit into a size that I never thought was attainable for me. It is a great feeling trying clothes on and them fitting just right, talk about a hell of a motivator!

Exciting accomplishments – Non Scale/Weight Victories

  • Improved 5K Time

  • Beat 500 M Row Time

  • Learned to do kipping hand stand push ups

  • PR ’ed back squat by 10 pounds