What was your struggle before starting at Bionic CrossFit?


  • The main reason for joining Bionic was to lose weight and “get in shape”. However, Bionic helped me realize that my true struggles extended well beyond what I thought… For example, I now realize that CrossFit not only helps one lose weight and become stronger, CrossFit also helps with wanting to lead a healthy life style all around. I now eat better, drink less alcohol. sleep better, think clearer and can get through my day with a much more positive outlook. CrossFit has also helped me realize the importance of having positive influences around you, having people support what you are doing, and constantly having people around you that truly want to see you grow and excel. This ideology, and culture is highly prevalent at Bionic! 


 How did that struggle affect your everyday life?


  • Before CrossFit, I felt down in the dumps, as one would say. Getting out a bed in the morning was always a struggle. The Struggle wasn’t because it’s early, or it’s Monday and I’m so tired. The struggle was more about dealing with another day filled with worries and life stressors. Sometimes literally feeling sick.


  How did joining and being part of Bionic CrossFit help you?


  • Being part of Bionic has truly changed my life for the better. Prior to joining Bionic my workouts were dreadful. I did years of running then got bored. I did regular gym memberships, Boring! I tried spinning classes, one dimensional, and eventually, boring! I then joined Bionic. CrossFit is the most challenging physical fitness program of my life. However, It’s truly the best thing I have ever been a part of…  Every day is different and exciting. I can’t wait to see what the WOD is. I actually think I’ve become addicted to this stuff, and if you’re gonna be addicted to something, this is what you want it to be! Also, I have never met so many good people. I have made friends that I feel understand my struggles… I always feel comfortable asking anyone a question, whether it’s a coach, or just a member. I never feel like I’m disturbing someone, or interfering in their conversation. I just always feel welcome and part of something special. It feels like we are all there for the same reason… To live a much better life, and be surrounded by good humans!!


How is your life different now? 


  • I have been a member with Bionic for approximately 5 months now. The only regret I have is not finding this place 5 years ago…  Every day I wake up eager to start my day. I feel heathier, stronger, more confident. Even food taste better. I just have a much more positive outlook in general.  Loving life!


Bionic has an amazing culture. I believe this “culture” comes from the owner. Chris is an outstanding coach. He works extremely hard to make sure you move correctly before any WOD, so that you not only get the most out of your workout, but most importantly, that you don’t get hurt… Also, It is obvious that he not only hires coaches that share this crazy ideology of being a good human, but also coaches that truly want to help people. The entire staff is amazing. I have been a student of all of the coaches, and they all coach as if they were made from the same mold. Truly outstanding!