What was your struggle before starting at Bionic CrossFit?

Before starting at Bionic, I was in an emotionally destructive relationship and still struggling with my eating disorder, self esteem, and struggling to find balance in my workouts and healthy lifestyle. I either binged or restricted, hated myself, and didn’t see much worth in anything. I struggled to find balance and struggled to set boundaries in my life. I had gained weight prior to Bionic over those few years and was constantly down on myself, thinking I should have worked harder or failed, because I wasn’t as good as I used to be. I had felt suffocated and held bound in my relationship at that time, feeling stuck in life in general. 

How did that struggle affect your everyday life?           

I had no motivation to workout, let alone eat healthy, I felt alone and felt like I didn’t have anyone who understand. My body felt sick and drained of its life and energy. 

How did joining and being part of Bionic CrossFit help you? 

I had finished foundations in one day with Chris, who told me he had never seen anyone do that. I had been working out for years, so it wasn’t a surprise to me, but it made me feel so great, because it was the first thing I had felt I had accomplished in a long time. I felt proud of myself for the first time in a long time. Shortly after joining, I had met so many amazing people, a good amount which now had become very close friends. I found a lot of people struggled the same way I did, too, which made me feel normal again for the first time in over a year! Being a part of Bionic has helped strengthen my mindset, and it was taught me to have more love and grace for myself. It taught me how to set boundaries in my life and protect my energy. I began to find my worth again!

How is your life different now?          

On the day to day, Bionic has helped me learn to give 100% for each day, whether it be at the box or at work or in my relationships or with my eating. I am worth more than negative self talk! I have since found balance in life, found grace for myself, and ended my relationship 9 months ago! My life is full of life and love, and I can truly say I have found my life again!