Week 2 Review - Trying New Things!

It's official, we have made it 2 whole weeks, 14 days. With zero cheat meals and zero foods outside of our tray diet (found here).

We knew this was possible, but we, like many of you, have tried and failed numerous different healthy eating challenges or diets. What has really set us up for success in these first 2 weeks is trying new things with our recipes.

But before we get into that, let's talk about how we felt this week. Where week 1 was spent detoxing, and trying to figure out how we would eat all these vegetables, week 2 has been spent feeling healthier and revitalized (week 1 review here). We have also increased our training by adding in some PSP workouts and our bodies have responded well.

The results

This week on the results side went really well too. Not only did Liz PR her BS (245) and DL (265), but I also PR'd my DL (340) and my course PR for the 5k (22:00). On the scale side of things, it has gone exceptionally well too. Liz is now down 10.4 total pounds (-2.4lbs this week) while I am down 7.6 total pounds (-2.4lbs this week). 

These results on the scale have definitely exceeded our expectations, especially since it hasn't seemed too hard. The food has not only been filling but also tasty and easy to prepare. Something we are very excited for because this diet seems like something we can refer to in months rather than weeks. Some diets you start and you know its a sprint to lower the scale and get off the diet as it just isn't manageable long-term, so far, this is the complete opposite. We are just eating real food, in proper portions, to give us the energy to live our best lives!

In the gym

This week we tested 1RM for both Back Squat and Deadlift, had an excpetionally long Tuesday night gruntwork WOD, tested our 5k and even tried the benchmark Bergeron Beep Test for the first time.

In less words, it was a lot of training for us. But with our healthy eating and increased water intake, we have been rebounding nicely from all of this work and feeling even more motivated. Mostly because it feels like our dedication to training is finally aligning with our dedication to nutrition. This is something we couldn't always say, and many times it felt like every 5 steps forward you took in the gym, we would take 10 steps backwards at the restaurant.

 In the kitchen

As we stated before, this week was a week of new trying new things. Liz has been amazing with cruising through pinterest for new recipes that fit our diet. What is so great about the tray diet though is it is much easier to find healthy recipes then when you are stressing about how many exact macros there are. Now when we find a good recipe we merely use the tray for portioning out our meats/vegetables/carbs, and don't get so caught up in looking up all the nutrition facts of each piece of food.

In diets past we would mealprep on the weekend, and cook a ton of chicken, a ton of rice and a ton of vegetables and eat that for every meal of the week... some people may be able to do that. But we can't! Coming home to the same meal again and again becomes unappetizing and that is exactly what gets us to bail on that meal prep and drive to the closest restaurant for a big cheeseburger instead!

So if you are on your own diet, remember, keep things interesting in the kitchen and it will keep you going on those tough days!


This week we felt really good. Our week was setup with no real temptation as we planned to keep everything routine, work, gym, dinner, etc. However, we chose to run a 5k in our town (where we both crushed it). The real issue, it ended at carnival with all the usual suspects, burgers, ice cream, fried everything, etc. Our saving grace... we brought one of our tastier dinners with us and planned ahead. When the race ended, we did our rounds with little cravings knowing we had a SET PLAN before we even stepped foot in there. Needless to say, we didn't cheat, and we feel better for it!