The Bionic Experiment, an ambitious, 12-month experiment to determine what is possible with 100% dedication to the process.

What is the process?

We, Michael and Elizabeth, will embark on this journey together, two average CrossFit athletes with a desire for more. Both of us have been doing CrossFit for over 18 months, we have fallen in love with the sport and community, gained knowledge of the movements and have enjoyed learning every step of the way. However, we have never fully given into the process. Sure we have shown up and put the work in at the gym but we haven’t transformed our lifestyle. We have struggled with our eating habits (trying nearly every gimmick/fad out there for that quick fix diet) and we are ready to trust the whole process and see where it takes us. So now we are ready to take it further, we want to see what is possible for the average CrossFit athlete. We will dedicate this next year to training, nutrition and documenting the many ups, but surely the many downs as well. Our goal is to create a road map of what is possible in this 12-month time, to show all of you at home what is achievable with dedication and passion for anyone to follow along.

All of this will be done with keeping the common person in mind, we will keep our 9-5 jobs, we will still have a social life, but we will chronicle the sacrifices required to see truly amazing results.  That might mean missing a party to train, that might mean bringing our own meal prep to a backyard BBQ, and that might mean passing up on your favorite restaurant. What you will not see in this experiment, however, is expensive personal training, personal chefs or 6 hour training sessions daily. This experiment is meant for the common person!

How will it work?

Training:  The traditional average CrossFit athlete goes to their schedule class anywhere from 3-5x a week. We will be doing the scheduled class WOD 4-6x a week along with 3-4x a week of additional accessory/strength work that will require 15-30 minutes each day, at Bionic this is called PSP (definition). We also plan to have at least one day a week where we get out of the gym, and we doing something physical like hiking, kayaking, running, etc.


Nutrition:  Our diet will consist of an easier form of macro tracking, that anyone can follow. We will be using 3 compartment meal prep trays that can be found on Amazon. It will be simple, 3 trays for Liz and 4 trays for Mike. Each tray consists of ½ vegetables, ¼ starch/carbs and ¼ protein. We will do our shopping on the outside edge of the grocery store sticking with fresh produce and meats, and eating a LARGE quantity of vegetables daily.

Tracking:  How do we know if this is working? We will be monitoring a few things; benchmark workouts/lifts, body composition, but ultimately how we feel.

  • Body composition: We will do weekly weigh-ins and quarterly body fat scans using the industry gold standard BodPod. We will also do a monthly picture to show a visual before/after progress update
  • Benchmarks: Just like any CrossFit athlete, you know your numbers. We will update as tested any of the girls, strength lifts (back squat, strict press, deadlift) and Olympic lifts (clean, snatch) through the process as well
  • How we feel: But ultimately we will be reporting how we feel mentally and physically throughout. Everyone wants to hit a PR or see the scale move, but we will also be focusing on the intangibles, how do we feel, how do we look and how do our clothes fit, something anyone can relate to.


Like we said above, we will be doing regularly posting out to all of you on both through blog posts and Instagram posts.

  • You can find our weekly blog posts at either or at There we will be posting weekly, covering our previous week along with experiences, tips, challenges, and more. 
  • Our next place you can find us is on Instagram @live.lift.lessor where we will be posting more regularly.
  • Now let’s get started!

So there it is, the Bionic Experiment. We look forward to sharing with all of you an intimate look at what is possible over the next year.

Tune in later this week as we review our first week but also we will be sharing our starting point, our starting numbers of where we are beginning on this journey, some benchmarks and body composition numbers.