Through week 8!!

We are through week 8 and absolutely loving our progress. We have been feeling good with increased volume of training, but most importantly, our diet has been on point. Diet isn’t exactly the best word, more lifestyle, the tray has became second nature, and our cravings for crap food are non-existent. If we do go out to eat (which has been two times) we have been very conscious of our meal size, bringing home leftovers as we realized what a proper proportion is.

on to the results

We will give a quick update on results, but stay tuned in a few weeks as we give a bigger update on how we are feeling, how we are looking and how our clothes our fitting.

But Liz is down a total of -16.4lbs and Mike is down a total of -15.8lbs through 8 weeks, 4 more weeks until our BodPod check in!

Now we wanted to spend some time talking about money, and how healthy eating can actually save the bank account, not hurt it!


I know a lot of people hear healthy eating and just assume it’s going to be a hit to the bankroll. And trust me, when the going gets tough and the diet starts to get difficult, people will always look for reasons to cut out and go back to their previous lifestyle.

But when you do the math out, eating healthy can not only be the same cost, but actually be a savings!


If you’re like us, eating out has many purposes, most notably for us, quick and easy and of course a fun activity. We found an excuse to eat out regularly, if we were on our way home from the gym, the quick and easy excuse helped, we work out at 630pm, so cooking dinner at 8pm sounds daunting. If it was a Friday night, our excuse was “its the weekend!”. No matter the night we could make an excuse, and we were also in the camp of “with only two people in the house, we throw away most of groceries, it’s cheaper to eat out!”. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! The only time you throw away groceries is if you aren’t eating at home enough, trust me, we end up back at the store mid-week many times.


So let’s just get to it, let’s look at a given week and just pretend we are in February, 4 weeks exactly to make our math easy. We will break down eating out into a few categories with different price points attached for ease, you can think of a restaurant that falls into each category, but i put an example as well (this is per person, later I double this to account for us as a couple).

  • “Cheap” = $10 – this is a catch all bucket for all “fast food” I picked $12 because this takes into account not only the very cheap (McDonalds) but also the higher end like Subway or Panera.
  • “Middle of the Road” = $20 – this will be your franchise restaurants like Chilis, think of getting an entree and one alcoholic beverage, or splitting an appetizer with the table.
  • “The Night Out” = $35 – this can be a franchise type restaurant with appetizers, desserts and a FEW alcoholic beverages (or even just one $10 drink!) or just a nice dinner at a bit more expensive of a restaurant.
  • “Expensive!” = $50 – this is when you go all out, either on fine food or lots of drinks, the bill gets expensive fast!
  • “Happy Hour” = $15 – you go out with friends for a few drinks, depending where you live, this could be WAY higher.
  • “Snacks” = $10 – thinking ice cream out, appetizers with friends, Froyo, pick your poison, but we all love them!

Okay, so now we know our categories, let’s make a quick week calendar to see how quickly things get out of hand. I’ll put down the meals you could eat out using our own model week (with more national brands) as an example.

Untitled 2.png

Yes, you are reading that correct, a monthly savings of OVER $1,500. Now you may be thinking these numbers are inflated and still a non-believer, but lets look at a few things. It is not crazy to think that someone buys lunch at work, grabs breakfast on the go, or certainly eats out for dinner or brings home some take out. This also DOES NOT contemplate any expenses for those meals they at at home, where does that food come from? Well the grocery store, and most likely you are still spending $100 a week and throwing away $50 of it.


It’s time to stop going out to eat every day and it’s time to start cooking, your wallet and your body will thank your later.