For the past couple weeks at Bionic CrossFit we have been breaking down what the CrossFit methodology is at the start of each class

The other day we covered Gregg Glassman's (Founder of CrossFit Inc) "World Class Fitness in a 100 words".

I'll summarize:

"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no Sugar"

What does this mean: Quality food. You can't out work a poor nutritional plan. You body is a sports car, treat it as such

"Keep in take to levels that will support exercise but not body fat"

What does this mean: Eat to fuel your body, not as punishment or reward.

"Practice and train major lifts-squats, deadlifts and presses etc"

What does this mean: We need to be stronger. Life is easier if you are stronger and less dependent on others. Squats, deadlifts and presses. Picking something up from the ground and presses are things we do every day. We squat on and off the toilet, the couch or chair. We pick things up every day wether a weight in the gym or your kids toys off the floor and we all put things over our head on a daily basis wether it is placing something on the top shelf of a cabinet or being firefighter and hoisting a ladder. It's functional!

"Similarly master basic gymnastics; pull ups, push ups, rope climbs, sit ups etc. Bike, run, swim, and row a relatively hard and fast paces"

What does this mean: gymnastics: learn how to move your own body thru space, create shapes and build basic body awareness. We want to build capacity in all avenues and various domains such as running, biking or swimming. The more capacity we can build, the fitter we become. "Increase our work capacity across broad time and modal domains"

"5-6 days per week and mix all these elements in as many combinations and patterns creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy."

What does this mean: Variety is key. Add elements into your fitness that represent challenges you may face in life. If every day you run for 30 mins, great, you'll be very good at running for 30 mins. But what about the short sprints, or being able to move our own body property.  How does running for 30 mins increase our strength and power to become more independent? Variety creates adaptation, adaptation creates change.


"Regularly try new sports"

What does this mean: Don't just go to the gym to be good in the gym. Apply your fitness in life!

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