Simplifying how we should be eating

Proper nutrition doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or boring. From our experience, most people make heathy eating much harder than needed. We are going to simplify it for you with some basic guidelines. 

  1. Food vs. Product: Know the difference between food and a product. Good, healthy, clean sources of nutrition comes from real food, not a box. Products come from a box. Good, clean, healthy food doesn’t need to be advertised as real food. We all know when we pick a head of broccoli that it’s broccoli, we don’t need fancy colorful boxes telling us how healthy and “organic” and “fat free” it is. If we can realize that, we are doing better than the majority of society.

  2. What is real food? Generally speaking if we can grow it, pick it from a tree, dig it up from the ground or we can kill it, it is safe to eat

  3. Majority should be plants: As a society, we generally eat too much protein and not enough veggies. Think about when you have a cook out or sit down for family dinner. What’s the first thing we put on our plate? For most, we load the plate with meat and if we have room left over we add veggies. Try adding all your veggies first then a palm size portion of protein. You can not eat too many vegetables. 

  4. Portion size. Most dinner plates we use are 30% bigger then what we should be using. If you were anything like me growing up, we were always told, eat everything on your plate. If the plate is 30% larger then it should be chances are we are eating 30% more then we should be. Eat off of smaller plates

  5. Don’t make it complicated:  Don’t worry about counting your macros (proteins, fats and carbs). Eat enough food to support your active lifestyle and not support body fat. If you eat until you feel full, you ate too much. No second servings unless it is veggies and no snacking/grazing/ mindless eating between meals. 

  6. Shop on the perimeter: All the food you need to eat is on the perimeter of the grocery store. Companies that make these products in the middle of the isles spend millions on advertisement and hire professionals to try and get you to buy their product by labeling them with “fat free”, “zero sugar” “99% fat free” and the new trend “organic”. Tell me.. how can a cracker made in a factory be “organic”? Stay out of the isles. 

  7. Moderation. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a slice of cake at your kids birthday party. But a slice of cake is a small slice and only 1. Enjoy life, but have discipline about when and how much you splurge.

  8. Don’t drink your calories. Stop drinking beverages filled sugar (ex. gatorade, soda, alcohol, sweetened drinks). Plain and simple, you cut this out of your nutrition plan and you will see results very fast. 

Final thought…eating should never be looked at as a punishment or reward. Proper eating needs to be intentional. You have the ability to make what you put into your body the best medicine or worst poison.  Choice is yours!

Want to learn more? June 15th, 9am here at Bionic CrossFit we will be hosting a seminar diving more into this along with covering pro’s and con’s of the common nutritions trends we hear about today. We will also be covering what to eat and what not eat if stuck in a situation and have to grab something on the go at one of your local big food chains. Contact management at to reserve your spot.

$20.00 registration fee