Foundations: This is a program all must complete prior to attending group CrossFit classes. This program consists of 4 one hour classes instructed on a one to one basis. In this program we will cover the fundamental movements of CrossFit along with a variety of other common movements. We also cover topics of Nutrition, SMART goal setting, mobility and the importance of building healthy habits.

Personal Training: We believe in the CrossFit method, but we also know group classes may not be for you. Our personal training program is a custom program taught in a one on one setting based on your own needs and goals. This program also encourages nutritional guidance and accountability. 

Group CrossFit: This is designed to better your general physical preparedness (GPP). If you love working out with others, this is the place for you. Each class is instructed by an experience coach. You will be motivated and inspired by your fellow peers and it will definitely help you reach any goal you have.

Nutrition Counseling: Our in-house nutrition coach will be able to break down the pros and cons of various foods we eat, how we can make better choices and create a healthier lifestyle. Meal plans can be created based on individual needs. Schedule a one on one session and find out more about our nutrition guidance. 

Sport Performance CrossFit: This is a program designed for those who want to do CrossFit as a sport. Generally there is a higher demand on the body and a strict training/recovery protocol is followed. Its required for  those that follow this program start in either our personal training program or our group fitness classes for a period of time until you and the head coach feel comfortable and become more efficient with all the movements and methods. 

Sport Specific Fitness: A program designed to enhance ones skill for their sport outside for he gym. This can be completed on a one to one setting or bring in your team and workout as a group. This program is designed to increase your overall ability in your sport, but also increase team camaraderie and team communication.

Adaptive CrossFit: This is a program designed to work with individuals with various types of physical handicaps and looking to improve their overall fitness.

Corporate Wellness: A fitness program tailored to a specific group of individuals who work together. This program is designed to build relationships, increase work productivity, promote a healthier work environment all while increasing your fitness. We can and do travel to off sight locations to accommodate the needs of the employer/ employees.


Bionic Kids: A fitness program for children and adolescents with an intention of increasing their body awareness while increasing strength and building confidence through bodyweight movements, some basic weight resistance exercises and fun games.


Bionic CrossFIt is the premier CrossFit affiliate in the area. We operate in a 5,000 sq ft facility. Our facility sits on approximately 1 acre which is fenced in and perfect for getting workouts in outside. At Bionic CrossFit we offer a variety of programs for all ability levels and plenty of options for class times to fit your busy schedule with classes starting at 5:30 am with our last class starting at 6:30pm. Our facility is open full time so our members have access to the facility any time throughout the day. Bionic CrossFit has a staff of 8 coaches with a wide variety of experience and education. All of our coaching staff is CPR/AED certified. Although we do not offer day care options for children we do have a designated lounge area that is kid friendly and frequently used by members for their children.