Foundations Program:This is a mandatory program for any person new to CrossFit. This is a linear program consisting of (5) 1 hour classes. During these classes, we introduce you to the movements and culture of our community. This is also where we discuss scaling options based on ones' physical assessment.

General CrossFit: This is a class atmosphere and suited for everyone, no matter what ability level. Our programming is designed to challenge you physically and mentally, however we never sacrifice proper form and technique to accomplish this goal. We can alter/scale movements based on ones ability level.

Competitive CrossFit: This program is generally for those who have been doing CrossFit for an extended period and CrossFit is their sport. Prior to someone taking part in the competitive programming, they have to be approved by the head coach.

Adaptive CrossFit: This program is designed for individuals who have physical limitations and are looking to improve their level of fitness.

Corporate Wellness: A custom designed program tailored to a specific group who work together with a goal of improving fitness, relationship building, and team work leading to a more productive working environment.

Team Fitness/CrossFit: A sport specific program designed around working together as a team outside of your respective sport, with a common goal of improving your level fitness.

Personal Training: This is one-on-one sessions between you and specific coach with specific programming designed to reach your individual goals.

CrossFit Kids: Coming soon!


*All programs (with the exception of CrossFit Kids) are only available for individuals ages 16 and up.*


Bionic CrossFIt is the premier CrossFit affiliate in the area. We operate in a 5,000 sq ft facility. Our facility sits on approximately 1 acre which is fenced in and perfect for getting workouts in outside. At Bionic CrossFit we offer a variety of programs for all ability levels and plenty of options for class times to fit your busy schedule with classes starting at 5:30 am with our last class starting at 6:30pm. Our facility is open full time so our members have access to the facility any time throughout the day. Bionic CrossFit has a staff of 8 coaches with a wide variety of experience and education. All of our coaching staff is CPR/AED certified. Although we do not offer day care options for children we do have a designated lounge area that is kid friendly and frequently used by members for their children.