Video: CrossFit, Inc.

The saying "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true. Nutrition is something you won't see on our daily whiteboard or talked about during our daily WODs, but it's just as important!  Take the time to learn your body and make the right meal plan for you. The internet is jammed packed with different articles, blogs, and recipes. On the left, we supplied links to some of our favorites! Also, feel free to ask any of our coaches about their tips and tricks.

We are also a delivery spot for Kettlebell Kitchen. Kettlebell Kitchen was started in 2012 with humble beginnings by two Army officers and brothers, Andy and Joe, who wanted to solve a problem for customers on the East Coast—getting the right nutrition to supplement their busy lives!  In today’s world convenience is everything, and Kettlebell Kitchen want to simplify the struggle people have with food to meet their goals—whether weight loss, muscle gain, or sports performance.  Their mission is to functionally enhance the human body by giving it the right nutrients to thrive!