"Ultimately I do CrossFit for a number of reasons from physical health, strength and conditioning, continuing to be an athlete, and for psychological health."

I have been a CrossFitter for just over five years.  I can definitively state that I am a true believer in the concept, and I can also state that the box and community within the box are the glue that holds the concept together.

As I thought about this, the first question I asked myself was “Why do I CrossFit”? I realized that at first I simply went to a gym and worked out to be healthier and improve my odds at health and longevity.  CrossFit certainly meets those needs and much more. I now realize that not only do I want to be healthy, but I have a new drive to be stronger. As I became fitter and stronger, I satisfied my athletic competitive urge by entering a few competitions per year. As I continued on, I also found that when I did not CrossFit, I missed my friends and early morning banter. Ultimately I do CrossFit for a number of reasons from physical health, strength and conditioning, continuing to be an athlete, and for psychological health.

From a pure science standpoint, CrossFit makes sense. High Intensity Interval Training has been scientifically proven to be a very effective method of training. The crossfit concept takes that to another level by using constantly varied movements and whole body movements. One becomes fit overall as opposed to specializing in any one part of the body or activity. Utilizing gymnastics, Olympic lifting, Strongman, and mobility principles are all key to overall conditioning.

The final and key component to all of this is community and support. While one can easily go on line and find workouts, and look at videos, there is nothing that compares to live face-to-face support. The support comes from many areas. It starts with the box owner. Chris Vasseur is a dedicated owner in many respects. He is working hard to maintain a successful business, which is critical to members who want to stay at the same box. Chris has the resume to prove his credibility. Chris through his every day interactions not only says but also SHOWS his genuine concern for each athletes needs. Those needs range from coaching for strength, to coaching for fitness, to coaching for happiness in life. Whatever the need or desire is, Chris is there to help. Support also comes from fellow members. Members gravitate to a time that suits their lifestyle. From there fellow classmates are there day in and day out to offer support. That support comes in the form of encouragement during a workout, to general friendship and encouragement in life.

I would not have stayed with CrossFit for so long if it were not working. I have tried other boxes, and I am firmly committed to Bionic now and into the future.

"My mind and body are the healthiest they have been in years."

A little over a year ago when I signed up to join Bionic, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I was up to 250 pounds and felt badly about myself. A year later, with the help and support from the coaches and the community at Bionic, I am under 200 pounds for the first time in 10 years. My mind and body are the healthiest they have been in years. I would have to say that this could not have been done without the support from the people at Bionic. The community at Bionic has made it easy to come to the box and work out day in and day out. The community provided me with help and support for my diet. I am physically and mentally in the best shape of my life. It goes without a doubt to say that Bionic has changed my life.

"Everything can be scaled to your skill level."

CrossFit has many different meanings to many different people and for me its “me time”.  I am a mom of 3 children, a full time dental assistant and a wife.  Before I discovered CrossFit, there was no time for working out because I signed up for a $10 gym and would get lost for 2 and half hours trying to figure out what to do.  I didn’t see any results at those kind of gyms so I would always quit 2 months in. When I finally discovered CrossFit, I was instantly hooked.  This was a place where I would get a whole hour to myself to work on me!  All I have to do is show up and the workout is already programed for me with a coach that can walk me through it step by step. One of the things that made me nervous about signing up was that I wasn’t as strong as some of the girls I would see working out.  Well that’s another reason I love CrossFit. Everything can be scaled to your skill level.  I joined Bionic CrossFit seven months ago and it was the best decision!  At Bionic I’m not a mom, an employee, or a wife, I am an athlete that is constantly getting stronger everyday by just showing up.  The community at Bionic is so positive and everyone is always celebrating each others improvements.  Having coaches that truly care about your progress is definitely not something you get at a $10 gym.  So if you are out there wondering if CrossFit is something for you, all I can say is sign up and just watch the transformation happen!